These Cities Make it Easier to Have a Great Life with Your Pet

Pets make life happier and healthier. That’s why the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program helps cities make pets as welcome as possible. And now Mars Petcare is certifying the most pet-friendly places to recognize and celebrate all they do for pets and pet owners.

Meet the Certified Cities

map of certified cities

These cities have all earned BETTER CITY FOR PETS™ recognition thanks to the programs and policies they have in place and their commitment to continuing improvement.

See how the BETTER CITY FOR PETS™ program helps cities be more pet-friendly in our 2019 Annual Report. For more information about the certification, click here.


Person running on trail in Arlington, TX
View of Cleveland, Ohio
Happy dog
BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ kickoff in Franklin, TN
Dog on grass near downtown Houston
Dog on beach
Downtown Memphis
Dog outside at Miami Lakes K-9 Cove park
Buildings in Oakland, CA
Park in Plano, Texas
Beautiful park in Rochester, MI
Pet-friendly proclamation in St Petersburg
Beach in Southport, NC
Desert outside Tucson, AZ
Cat out for a walk on a leash
Happy dog outside
Dallas skyline
Courthouse in Fort Wayne, IN
Dogs standing on sidewalk in Gresham, OR
dog playing in snow
Beautiful green space in Laguna Niguel
A view of the water in Meaford, Ontario
Beachfront in Miami
Nashville skyline
Dog in lake in Orion Township
Aerial view of Port St. Lucie, FL
Reno, NV
Happy dog outside
Santa Clarita city hall
Capitol building in Topeka


How Do Cities Get Certified?

The BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program includes a model of 12 key traits for pet-friendly cities. Things like local organizations working to end pet homelessness, available pet-friendly housing, pet amenities like free pet waste bags, and shops and restaurants that make it easy to be out with pets.

Cities that want BETTER CITY FOR PETS™ recognition take our online assessment, a detailed look at the city’s pet demographics, features, pet-friendly programs, and plans for the future.

Want your city certified? Write to your Mayor or City Council and encourage them to visit to get started.

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